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Centro del Pavimento Pelvico

Pelvic Floor Clinic

Pelvic Floor clinic at Santa Famiglia Nursing home is a structure dedicated to women which suffer of uro-gynaecological disorders.
The aim of the clinic is to offer a rational framework through the study of female pelvic disorders, enabling to include the patient in a diagnostic path performing tests just inside Santa Famiglia Nursing Home.
Involvement of various experts, highly specialized on this context, will enable the patient to be addressed to the most suitable therapeutical process through the most modern surgical techniques minimally invasive and rehabilitative.
Treated disorders are:
− urinary incontinence
− urogenital prolapse
− pelvic chronic pain and
− infections of the female low urinary tract (acute, chronic and recurring cystitis)
Patients referring to the uro-gynaecological clinic are initiated to a diagnostic path followed by a therapy stage (pharmacology, rehab, surgery) and by a follow-up stage.
During the uro-gynaecological examination it will be provided a anamnestic form to fill in, very detailed related to systemic disorders and to alteration of genital sphere, further an integrated exam will take place by an evaluation test.
The diagnostic stage can be integrated with a full uro-dynamic examination.
At the end of the diagnostic stage, the patient will be provided with a clinic report on which tests and results will be shown, together with the therapeutic proposal.


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