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Breast care


Breast care

Breast care service offers the most suitable care for each woman’s illness biological characteristics.
The surgery-clinical activity includes screening and prevention screening, the first breast examination for symptomatic women, paths including examination and histopathological diagnosis for symptomatic patient (with mammary Lumos ,nipples secretion or mastodynia), follow-up checks for surgical patients, in addition a dedicated surgery for women with a high family and hereditary risk.
At a surgical level a conservative strategy is pursued intended as preservation of udder and axillary nodes; further thanks to modern techniques on oncoplastic surgery, special attention is given to the physical aspect in order to support female integrity.
Surgical therapies for mammary neoplasms are innovative techniques for oncoplastic surgery. In particular, in our structure are highly utilized the radio-guided surgery, the intraoperative sentinel lymph nodes technique and localization of non-palpable lesions.
Breast reconstruction is still one of our main issues together with the oncological radicalism.
Communication is a fundamental aspect for the clinic offer philosophy, for the therapies and subsequent follow-up. For this reason, at Santa Famiglia we considered to give a free support for each moment of physiological and therapeutically problem. More information on how to get in touch with the structure if necessary, will be given directly during clinic opening hours.
Breast care service represent a modern welfare model in the field of female healthcare, inspired to the European model which is achieving results in terms of prevention and reduction of mortality for mammary neoplasia. The main element is an interdisciplinary healthcare offer designed for each single clinical case and studied considering the clinical and biological characteristics for neoplasia.


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