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Spazio Donna


Spazio Donna

Project "Spazio Donna", already ongoing in the structure, as part of a greatest sensibilization programme on female health topic, - for which Santa Famiglia Nursing Home already achieved the Bollino Rosa award by ONDA (Osservatorio Nazionale sulla Salute Donna) – is intended to realize inside the Nursing Home specific diagnostic-therapeutically paths, designed for the protection of women health during every year of her life.
The aim is to build a clinic model where to find a strong enhancement on female listening and on its physiological and social elements, a real healthcare in which professionality is given as interdisciplinary care, relation quality and problem and difficulty sharing with the family.
Particularly we are strengthening and building paths for:
• Youth prevention, dedicated to young women between 15 and 26 years of age, which is especially dedicated to the prevention of viral infection sexually transmitted;
• Physiological pregnancy and pre-birth diagnosis;
• Obstetrics and chronical pathologies care on pregnancy, designed for patients with chronical-evolutive diseases, which need a periodical evaluation of the clinical situation;
• Mini invasive treatment on uterine fibroids, during which is performed a clinical evaluation on patients with fibromatosis disease, while other non-surgical ablative methods are being acquired (HI Fu);
• Oncological prevention, where a specific and psychological counselling is performed for patient with suspected neoplastic disease;
• Breast care, aimed to provide all breast care prevention services;
• Diagnosis and care during menopause, for the prevention of common diseases such as osteoporosis, obesity, type II diabetes, but also neoplastic diseases affecting the female reproductive system;


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