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Welcome to the Santa Famiglia Nursing Home

Since 1950, Santa Famiglia Nursing Home offers a main activity on obstetrics and gynaecology and to such department a high-performance neonatology service has been currently associated and its activation makes service even more qualified. Pregnancy and Childbirth care at Nursing Home is intended to guarantee the overall health of mother, child and his family thanks to constant attention ensured during the whole prenatal period.


Santa Famiglia Health Packs

Santa Famiglia Nursing Home health packs are both limited and unlimited time offers, by which you can access to the best diagnostic treatments of the Nursing Home, at a fixed price.

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Dedicated service to support maternity both during pregnancy and childbirth following the OMS guide lines, making the mother main character of its own journey, at home like in the delivery room, respecting as much as possible physiology.
Our Obstetrics department is also affiliated with Lazio’s SSR (regional sanitary system)

  • Birth support courses
  • Rooming In
  • Delivery rooms
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We take care about the total gynaecological aspect, providing high level diagnostic and therapeutic paths, of which you can easily access during the morning in our Divisional Surgery, or by choosing a consulting offered by a trusted professional during afternoons.
Our Gynaecology department is also affiliated with Lazio SSR

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Echocardiograms (ultrasound scan of the heart)
  • 24-hour blood pressure tests
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Santa Famiglia nursing home is more than an obstetric hospital; ours is the clinic for woman, where everything is designed and developed around her, to assist her before, during and especially after the happy event of birth
In "Spazio Donna" we offer ideas, initiatives and recommendations on how to deal with this important step for a woman life.

  • Hospitalization path
  • Senological service
  • Follow up
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Santa Famiglia nursing home neonatology offers assistance and specialized treatments for the new-born since birth and continues even after resignation in order to guarantee the implementation of screening and prevention programmes

  • Paediatric Surgery
  • Sonographic Screening
  • Cardiology Screening
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Santa Famiglia nursing home neonatology offers assistance and specialized treatments for the new-born since birth

  • Birth path
  • Care humanization
  • "Pronto Neonatologo" service
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Pelvic floor centre

Santa Famiglia nursing home pelvic floor centre is a facility dedicated to women which suffer of uro-gynecological disorder.
The centre target is to offer a rational framework through the study of female pelvic pathology, allowing patient join a diagnostic path through the conduct of exams carried out at Santa Famiglia Nursing home.
Involvement of various professionals, highly specialized on this topic, will allow the patient to go through a therapeutic path suited for her by the most modern surgical techniques minimally invasive and rehabilitative.

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SARS-CoV-2 rapid test

In our facility laboratory, authorized by Lazio District for Covid rapid test, it is possible to book both SEROLOGICAL TEST and RAPID COVID-19 ANTIGENIC TEST.
Either tests, especially intended to know virus spreading within population, are surely faster than molecular swab, which is still the only diagnostic test for SARS infection.

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Lets talk about di Mastodynia with doctor Frusone

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